Double Coin Central America was created with a purpose in mind: to provide better and faster service to the clients in the area. For this, we have established an office in Miami and a Bonded Warehouse and Distribution Center in Costa Rica, from which you will have an extensive inventory of radial, light and heavy truck tires available to you in just a few days after placing the order.

As always, you can rely on the quality and warranty program of Double Coin products, which are now closer to you.



Double Coin is the first radial truck tire that has a 7-year warranty against manufacturing and materials defects, as well as a warranty for 3 tire renewals, which makes Double Coin the best option in terms of cost-benefit.


The available inventory is based primarily on sales statistics, as well as on the preferences of the distributors, fleets and end consumers.


Double Coin is par excellence a high performance tire since the beginning of its time, and now added to it the reinforced carcass with 5 steel belts, allows to reduce maintenance costs due to the high index of retreadability.


United States
(Headquarter Offices)
Costa Rica
(Bonded Warehouse)


  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama

In order to strengthen and develop the merchandising strategy in the region, Double Coin Central America offers our current and new distributors a Bonded Warehouse located in Costa Rica, which will allow faster response time and it will provide an efficient way to meet the product requirements in the lines of light and heavy radial truck.



You demand tires that deliver everything — safety, long lasting performance and value. That’s why you can count on Double Coin to be an intelligent business decision. We have the perfect truck, bus and trailer tire for your driving application. Click here to see our catalog.

Sunup to sundown you require tires that provide superior traction, reliable long-term performance, are easy on the soil and deliver a lower cost of ownership. We have intelligently designed tires proven to deliver that kind of optimum performance. Click here to see our catalog

Moving heavy loads of rock, ore and dirt in terrain that is rocky, sandy or muddy requires tires that deliver superior traction, reliable long-term performance, retreadability, and a lower cost of ownership. We have intelligently designed tires proven to deliver optimum performance. Click here to see our catalog



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